Yongqiang Gao


PhD student since Fall 2012
Multi-media Center
Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Supervisor: Yu Qiao


I am interested in computer vision, pattern recognition and machine learning. In my first two years of the
Ph.D life, I do research on designing low-level image features, especial on binary descriptors with greedy
boosting bit selection, and one of papers has been accepted by TIP. Then my research focuses on transfer
learning on facial images which include human attributes classification and related applications in the third
year. Now, I focus on the deep facial attributes in the framework of deep learning.

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D.   student in Pattern Recognition and Intelligenct System
        Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, UCAS
        Research: Binary descriptors and transfer leanring

Sep. 2012 - present

M.Sc.  in School of Computer Science and Technology
        University of South China
        Research: Digital Image Processing

Sep.2009 - Jun. 2012

B.Sc.  in School of Mathematics and Information Science
        Yantai University

Sep.2005 - Jun. 2009


Co-Orginzer and Sponsor,

    Workshop on Computer Vision and Its Applications

      Fisrt Session: in SIAT, Aug. 28, 2011

      Second Session: in SIAT, Aug. 18, 2012

      Third Session: in SIAT, sep. 21, 2014


SIAT, CAS, Shenzhen, China Oct. 2011 - May. 201
Speech visualization and its application on the rehabilitation of Dysphonia
(NSFC, National Natural Science Foundation of China):
3D Lip reading with Kinect

SIAT, CAS, Shenzhen, China Jul. 2010 - Oct. 2011
Key technology of next generation autonomous robots-experience based memory and learning
(CAS Knowledge Innovation Project):
Finding Objects and grasping at Indoor Environment based on robot.


Journal Articles

Self-Adaptive Learning from Few Samples for Visual Facial Attributes,
Yongqiang Gao, Zhifeng Li, and Yu Qiao
Trans. Image Processing (To be submitted).

Adaptive Part Level Transfer Learning for Gender Classification,
Yongqiang Gao, Zhifeng Li, and Yu Qiao
Sig. Process. Lett. (To be submitted).

Combined-binary Descriptor by Learning Weights,
Yongqiang Gao, Weilin Huang and Yu Qiao
Neurocomputing(In major revision). project

Local Binary Descriptors with Ring-based Pooling Configuration and Multi-Groups Optimization,
Yongqiang Gao, Weilin Huang and Yu Qiao
Trans. Image Processing (TIP), 2016. project

Local Binary Descriptors and its Application to Image Matching,
Yongqiang Gao, Yu Qiao and Weilin Huang
Journal of Network New Media, 3(2), 2014.


LTD: Local Ternary Descriptor for Image Maching,
Yongqiang Gao, Yu Qiao, Zhifeng Li and Chunjing Xu
ICIA, 2013.

Novel Object Recognition System for Cognitive Robot,
Yang Luo, Yongqiang Gao, Li Liu and Xinyang Huang
ICIA, 2012.

Finding Objects at Indoor Environment Combined with Depth Information,
Yongqiang Gao, Jianhua Zhang, Liwei Zhang, Ying Hu and Jianwei Zhang
ICMA, 2011.

Scale-space with Gaussian kernel and PDE A survey,
Yongqiang Gao
Minor award of Chuyue Festival academic paper, 2011.